As Long Islanders, the health of our waterways and fisheries is critical to our local economy and our way of life. Plastic bags are one of the most common forms of plastic pollution found in beach clean ups and pose a significant threat to our waterways and our wildlife.  Nassau County can reduce plastic bag pollution by passing a bag fee bill that is currently introduced in the legislature! Please send a message to your local representatives HERE and have your voice heard!

The proposed Nassau County bag fee legislation has a proven track record of success in Long Beach and Suffolk County. Only four months after the Suffolk County fee took effect, 70% of the public are either bringing their own bag or forgoing bags entirely. Grocery stores in Long Beach, where the 5 cent fee has been in effect for over a year, report a 90% reduction in plastic bag usage.

Plastic bags not sent to landfills are often put in recycling bins, where they clog recycling machines and cost recyclers time and money to remove. The Material Recycling Facility in Brookhaven estimates they lose over $100,000 per year pulling clogged plastic bags from screens on their machines. Given the option to pay a small fee for these polluting, unnecessary bags, or choose a more cost effective, sustainable, reusable bag, the public has overwhelmingly chosen to bring their own bag.

Please be a part of the change by sending a message to your local officials through our form HERE and help us pass a bag fee bill in Nassau County to stop the flood of plastic bags in our lives and the environment!