December 5, 2014

Big News on LNG

The City of Long Beach Council is unanimously opposed to the proposed Port Ambrose LNG facility. They sent a letter to Governor Cuomo expressing this opposition. That letter can be seen here.  Way to go Long Beach!  The City leaders did the same several years ago. Different LNG proposal, same opposition.

Also, there is a community meeting at the Long Beach Library on Monday, December 8th. Flier below, Facebook Event here

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GBPToxic Sewer Pipe
June 9, 2014

Video – Water Recycling in Orange County

We’ve mentioned several examples of water recycling from around the country here – Water Recycling – 6 Stories.  Here is a more detailed view of the plant they built in Orange County, CA to take secondarily treated sewage and turn it into potable drinking water. 
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GBPToxic Sewer Pipe
June 2, 2014

Pipe Discussion Nowhere Near Long Beach

Chapter Vice-Chair Marvin Weiss asked some key questions after attending a meeting on solutions to the Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant and the proposed ocean outfall pipe, which took place nowhere near
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May 27, 2014

Groundwater Problems Will Worsen with Ocean Outfall

One of our concerns with the proposed ocean outfall pipe for the Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant is that it will not solve the existing groundwater problems of over-drafting and saltwater intrusion, in fact it will likely make them worse.

But don’t take our word for it. 
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GBPToxic Sewer Pipe
May 27, 2014

Please Attend Outfall Pipe Meeting in Brentwood

Please attend a public meeting tomorrow about Long Island water quality issues including an ocean outfall pipe off of Long Beach.

May 28, 2014, Noon – 3 PM presentations 3:30 PM – 6:30 PM – Public comments allowed

This is the only meeting in a series of three where public comments are allowed.

Health Sports Education Center Auditorium
Suffolk County Community College
Wicks Road Entrance
Brentwood, NY 11717

Directions to center:

While there are plenty of good elements to the plan being proposed, an ocean outfall pipe will only make our water supply an quality problems worse.



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May 23, 2014

South Shore Audubon Society Questions Pipe

A couple months back the President of the South Shore Audubon Society had this letter printed in Newsday.

Outflow Pipe Newsday Letter

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May 15, 2014

Chapter Comments on Bay Park and Ocean Outfall Plan

The Chapter submitted these comments at a meeting on May 11, 2014 where officials seem to have all decided that an ocean outfall pipe should be part of the solution for the Bay Park plant and the health of the Western Bays.  The Chapter maintains that better treatment at the plant and denitrification of the effluent is what is needed to save the Western Bays. 
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May 9, 2014

Recycle Water from Bay Park Plant

The Surfrider Foundation supports Nassau County’s plans to fix and upgrade the Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant but would like the County to fully explore all possibilities for recycling treated freshwater from the facility.

Nassau County is planning to spend an estimated $2 billion to fix and upgrade the Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant (STP). This $2 billion price tag includes $690 million to build a new ocean outfall pipe and relocate the plant’s discharge from Reynold’s Channel in the Western Bays to the Atlantic Ocean off of Long Beach, NY. Moving the outfall to the ocean, without due consideration of other possibilities, is a missed opportunity to protect Nassau County’s water supply
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GBPToxic Sewer Pipe
April 9, 2014

History of Pollution in Reynolds Channel

After decades of neglect, a video posted by a Surfrider Foundation member of brown, sewage sludge being discharged into Reynold’s Channel finally got the Nassau County Executive’s attention to take action to fix the malfunctioning Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant.

While these initial measures did succeed in improving conditions at the plant and the quality of the effluent, the County was never fully able to finish their overhaul of the facility, and unfortunately the local waterways continued to suffer from the environmental damage caused by the sewage discharge.
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GBPToxic Sewer Pipe
January 24, 2014

Other Environmental Groups Want a Pipe in Your Ocean

Two leading environmental groups are supporting an Ocean Outfall Pipe for the Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant that would go straight off of Long Beach.  We of course think it is a bad idea to put a new pipe in the ocean.  Pollution or even the perception of pollution in Long Beach would be bad for the beach-based economy.  But more importantly, we think this is a major waste of fresh, treated water.  Our groundwater aquifers are being over-drafted, polluted, and they suffer from saltwater intrusion. 
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