Central Long Island Chapter


The National Office of Surfrider Foundation makes great programs available to the chapters. Chapters are free to implement these programs to best fit the needs of their local areas.  Here’s a complete list of the programs http://www.surfrider.org/programs

All of these programs need a person to lead them and a Committee of the Chapter to implement them.

Blue Water Task Force Is a volunteer based water quality monitoring program.  The government’s tests the ocean water quality in the summer, but what about the rest of the year?  To implement this program you need to consistently be able to collect water samples (weekly, monthly, or quarterly) and have the time to process the samples shortly after taking them, within hours. It is an expensive program but it can add an additional layer of knowledge to the government’s data.

Ocean Friendly GardensWant to help ocean health in your own yard or neighborhood?  OFG will teach you to capture rainwater, plant not pave, and recharge water through the soil to reduce polluted runoff.

Rise Above Plastics(RAP) Most of what we find on the beach in beach cleanups is plastic. Much of that is single use plastic. Learn more about what we can do to keep single use plastics off of our beaches and out of our lives. 

Ocean Friendly Restaurants – An offshoot of Rise Above Plastics, specifically for restaurants to reduce their plastic footprint and implement other environmental standards. Learn the criteria and see if your favorite restaurant want to become an OFR. Click here for a list of local Ocean Friendly Restaurants.