Central Long Island Chapter

Stop Seismic Blasting in the Ocean

NOAA Fisheries has authorized the Trump administration’s plans to expand seismic blasting in the ocean so that oil and gas companies can find new places to drill offshore. These seismic surveys would cause devastating impacts to marine wildlife and would be the first step towards new oil rigs in U.S. waters.

Please ask your federal representatives to protect marine wildlife from seismic blasting!

According to the federal government’s own estimates, seismic blasting could injure tens of thousands of whales, dolphins, and other marine mammals each year. And, if seismic blasting moves forward, then offshore oil drilling will not be far behind. The Trump administration has already announced plans to expand offshore drilling to virtually every coast in the U.S.

Opening the ocean to seismic blasting and offshore drilling would jeopardize our coastal economies, including the tourism, recreation, and fishing industries. It would also open the door to greater risks from offshore oil and gas production down the road including a major oil spill. 

Please ask your members of Congress to oppose seismic blasting and offshore drilling here!