After rejecting a $95 Million beachfill in 2006, the City Council of Long Beach hired Coastal Planning and Engineering, CP&E, an engineering firm in Florida to come up with an alternative to the Army Corps’ massive beachfill project.  They also asked CP&E to devise  a plan to address bay-side flooding which affects so many people in Long Beach.  CP&E  finished their reports in 2009 and the reports have sat on the City of Long Beach’s website since then.  No action has been taken on the plans.  So for your convenience, here are both the plans for ocean-side and bay-side protection form CP&E.

LB Nov 2009 CP&E Oceanside Report

Long Beach CP&E Bayside Report Nov 2009

Now that Hurricane Sandy has devastated the area, it only makes sense for everyone in Long Beach to know that there is an alternative plan and to then decide if that is a better plan for Long Beach.  Long Beach could implement the plan that they commissioned and paid for, the CP&E plan, as opposed to the Army Corps plan that the City already rejected.