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Christmas Tree Disposal to Rebuild a Dune

Unfortunately this time of year brings storms and storms bring dune erosion...

And there has been a major breach in the dunes east of Gilgo Beach.

And to make matters worse, 4-wheel drive vehicles have been using this breach as an illegal access point!

Luckily several local community members with the help of Gordon Canary of Owen Johnson's office and Betty Wittenburger, Robert Moses State Park Manager, are doing something about it.

First large poles will be placed to block the 4WD vehicles.
Second is where the christmas trees come in...

Here's the plan:
Between Saturday Jan 9th and Sat Jan 16th, drop off your old tree at the northeast corner of the Gilgo parking lot. A truck and crew will come to pick them up and place them where the dune used to be.

The trees will help to trap the wind-blown sand and rebuild the dune.

Thanks for your help in the matter!

Happy New Year!!! • Surfrider Foundation CLI