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Thank You

To everyone who showed up; or tried to show up; or even thought about showing up. Thank You.

I understand Jim Brady from the NYC Chapter was able set up a meeting about LNG with the Governor's office, and the NYC Chapter.

Great work Jim! Especially on such short notice.

This is what happens, when people show up. And Surfrider Central Long Island Chapter needs you to show up. Not all the time. Nobody can do that; we all lead busy lives. But we need you to do what you can. Maybe write a letter? Go to a beach clean up or two? It doesn't take much, if we all pitch in and help.

This week your Surfrider CLI Representative spoke with Ron Foley; the NYS Parks LI Regional Director. If you remember; Director Foley has actually taken the time to visit our Surfrider CLI meetings.

NYS is talking about closing as many as 10 State Parks this summer. Which ones are important to you?

In addition, Mother Nature has re-landscaped some of our favorite beaches. Less beaches = more crowds at your favorite spot.

Make your voice heard.

And Thank You,

Surfrider CLI