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Beach Access Update

Beach Access Update
[the following is my understanding of what is going on, based on my conversations with Ron Foley, and Elizabeth Wintenberger of the NYS Parks Dept.]

The NYS Park’s Sand replenishment project is nearing its end.

The State took stockpiled sand from Point Democrat, and used it to “replenish” Robert Moses Field 5. In addition, the “fishermen” only access road, on the north side of Democrat was filled in and re-graded. During the “Beach Replenishment” project 4X4 access to Demo limited or closed.

However, Surfers were, and are still allowed “walk in” access. You may hike the 1 ½ miles each way from RM 2 to Demo, as long as you stay on the south, ocean facing beach side of the island. And stay out of the way of the construction vehicles.

Starting Friday June 4th at 5PM the 4X4 fishermen and their trucks will be back on the beach. But will not be allowed west of the jetty; and will have limited access times due to Piping Plover nesting. [Hard to believe it’s June already.]

Gilgo State Park, [This is known to most of you as the 4X4 beach east of Gilgo town beach, and west of Cedar beach. Or also as Hemlocks] is still closed.