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A topic worth revisiting.

It's Fall and the swell has finally arrived. So have the authorities; The so called Pleasure Police.
The Surfrider CLI Chapter has had quite a few calls and inquiries of the NYS Parks, and NYS Police, issuing tickets, ejecting surfers from the water, and just plain old harassment. I personally was involved in an incident this weekend.

But we can't help you, unless you help yourself. Surfrider is a Volunteer Organization. We need Volunteers: people who show up at meetings and Beach Clean Ups, Grass Plantings, and Events.

We are a Grass Roots Organization. And you are what makes it work. But you have to show up. The few individuals who consistently Volunteer, can't do it all.

This year alone, our Chapter President Katie Lawrence played a big part in defeating the LNG Island that would have been a disaster. We have fought successful Campaigns against the 'Wind Farm", for "The Better Bottle Bill", to teach the masses about the beaches and the watershed they take for granted, and to help clean our beaches, oceans, and their estuaries; and to secure and increase access.

Make a difference.